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Ormesby's Phonics Odyssey

Work is well-matched for different abilities and children work in ability groups for phonics.  Differentiation is finely-matched to children’s needs. More-able children are extended and children who find learning difficult are supported in smaller groups with additional adult support when it is available.  Work may be set out in graded ‘challenges’ and children are learning to choose for themselves the correct level for their abilities. The school is ensuring our Phonics approach has fidelity to one true scheme approved by the Government. In the interim period, we have ensured we have our own ‘Ormesby Phonics Odyssey’ using our current resources that follow our own organised, consistent and true approach. Our collection of reading books match our agreed GPC progression and staff deliver Phonics in the same manner across each week utilising uniform actions, chants and rhymes. Please see the document attached for our weekly approach to teaching Phonics. To ensure we implement an approved Government Phonics system, we are looking into Little Wandle Big Cat Collins. As part of this, the school will again ensure there is an agreed GPC progression, staff deliver Phonics consistently after suitable training, pupils reading material is phonetically decodable and organised to follow this agreed GPC progression. We will continue to ensure our pupils love doing Phonics and the impact of its sessions is significant. Please see the attachment above for a breakdown of how we operate our Phonics each week.